if you don't know

if you don't know

  • Going veggie - first steps

    Going veggie - first steps

    Learn more! Visit our websites or contact us at info@spremi-klopu.com or at prijatelji.zivotinja@inet.hr. If you need advice or have a question, we are here for you!     Becoming a vegan overnight isn't easy. Be patient and ditch animal-based food slowly and gradually. This list of plant-based food can be of help. Remember that vegan diet is good for your health, for the environment and for animals that you love. As you are changing your eating habits day by day, you will see how easy it gets....» more
  • Sweets


    Avoid white sugar, and make sure that brown sugar is the real deal, not the plain white with added molasses. The best sweeteners, which are also a good substitute for honey, are agave syrup, rice syrup, maple syrup and other. Also, instead of purchasing candy, try eating fresh or dried fruit. You will be surprised! » more
  • Flavor alternatives

    Flavor alternatives

    Milk alternatives Plant-Based Milks Plant-based milks can be used just the same as cow's milk. They are used by vegans, people allergic to dairy products and people who take care of their health. Soy milk is the most popular and it can completely replace cow's milk. Give it a shot - try soy milk with chocolate, vanilla or almond flavor. Oat and rice milk are common as well. You can try all of them and see which one you like best.  Other dairy products There are plant-based alternatives for all kinds...» more